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Kym Adams Legal Document Assistant
Licensed and Bonded Lic. #102
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Certified in Paralegal Studies since 1996

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In 2008 I became certified in Conflict Management through the Institute for Conflict Management, LLC

In 1996 Kym Adams started serving court documents as a Process Server and in 1998 attended California Southern Law School in Riverside and completed studies and earned a certificate in Paralegal Studies. In 2001 she completed the Paralegal Program at Mt. San Jacinto College and obtained another certificate in Paralegal studies then continued to educate herself. Now after completing all the required courses to obtain a Degree in Paralegal in 2005 she still continues to attend legal document seminars and works on training interns at Mt. Jacinto College.

Kym thanks her many valued clients and friends, and looks forward to serving new clients in the coming months with the preparation of their court documents.


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